• Joe Palermo

    Sound Designer/ Audio Engineer/ Qsys Programmer

    Theatrical Sound Designers And Composers Member

    Audio Engineering Society

    CTS Certified Contractor

  • Current Obsession

    Using Machine Learning to turn Murals into Sonic Scores

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    Endlessly Curious

    Sound started as a medium and grew into a life philosophy. The constant hunger for new and interesting sound objects and spaces is the driving force behind every project that I take on. Total immersion is my goal for every soundscape I create. I firmly believe the process of capturing source materials is equally as important as the sounds themselves. This process may be more time intensive, but it is essential to truly enveloping the audience. Want to develop true sounds of nature? Let's grow contact mics into trees and listen to storms roll in off of Lake Michigan through a hydrophone. Want to capture the emotional essence of a city? Compile clips of random street people playing a Kazoo and listen for repeating tonal patterns and rhythms.

    No project is too abstract; No idea too "off-kilter". Maybe your project doesn't need a soundscape made from tuned lumps of jello, but you can't be sure until you hear it, right?

  • Certifications

    • QSYS Designer 2
    • Qsys Control 2
    • Certified AMTRAC Contractor
    • Audinate's Dante Lvl 2
    • Shure Integrated Systems Lvl 2
    • SMAART Operator LVl 1
    • Certified Hearing Loop Designer





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